Today, the Børkop Watermill has been transformed into a restaurant which offers its guests the pleasure to enjoy exquisite meals. It is also the perfect place to host training courses, meetings and other events.

The watermill creates the right atmosphere

- When you visit Børkop Watermill you become a guest at the old miller’s farmhouse. Our idyllic setting will send you back in time and the tranquility of the rural surroundings will make for an unforgettable, soothing experience.

The Børkop Watermill still honors its historical heritage.

Today, the mill is primarily run as a restaurant that also hosts events; however, since it also operates as an actual mill,  The Friends of Børkop Watermill Society uses it to produce organic grain.

Our mill-shop sells 13 different products such as organic flour, barley and rolled grain – exclusively produced with the use of hydropower.

The story behind the windmill

The Børkop Watermill is situated near Skærup Creek just south of Børkop. The watermill dates all the way back to 1546.

This beautiful watermill was used to grind flour but there was also a fulling mill that was used to process clothing.

The buildings around the mill are believed to be built around 1830. Today, the Børkop Watermill is a protected heritage asset and it has been leased, since 1984,  by the Munkebjerg Hotel which runs the restaurant and the events and conference center.

Today, the Børkop Watermill is a cultural and culinary gem; together with its original and fully functioning mill, the small local history museum and the idyllic restaurant it offers a great experience for people of all ages.